Ibadan Malimbe: A song for an endangered West African Bird

ibadan malimbe sensei lo

Ibandan Malimbe – Sensei Lo and Funmi collaborates to bring to life a birdsong for the endangered bird specie only found in South-Western, Nigeria.

As a creative in music, I have always believed in music for a cause. Hence, it was an honour to produce the song “Ibadan Malimbe” alongside Funmi on the A Guide to the Birdsong of Western Africa project curated by Shika Shika & El Búho.

The album of music is inspired by the song of threatened West African birds featuring several renowned musicians across Africa such as Vieux Farka Touré, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, along with electronic artists such as Mamans du Congo, Senegalese Wau Wau Collectif, and the Malian Luka Production.

One of the many endangered species is the Ibadan malimbe, from Nigeria, in the southwestern part of the country, including the city of Ibadan for which it’s named.

A striking red and black bird, it inhabits forest patches, forest edges, and secondary woodland. Currently classified as ‘Endangered’, it is threatened by loss of habitat due to forest clearing for subsistence farming and logging.

The Bird only found In Ibadan, Nigeria – Image Credit: Birds of the World

The Birdsong Project was born from a simple but beautiful idea – to challenge some of the most talented producers and musicians from one region of the world to create a track inspired by the song of an endangered bird from their country. 

The tracks would be compiled to make an album, released digitally and on eco-vinyl, with 100% of the funds raised from sales used to support local organisations working to save these incredible bird species.

Listen to Sensei Lo & Funmi’s production on the project on Spotify below and available on Kickstarter, Amazon, Bandcamp, and many more.  

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